The financial advantages of forensic mediation

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Alternative Dispute Resolution |

If you have a high net worth there are many factors to take into consideration when bringing your marriage to an end. With so much at stake from a financial point of view, it’s important to understand your legal options and safeguard your interests. For many people, forensic mediation is a very helpful and cost-effective tool when ending a marriage, especially from a financial viewpoint.

If your spouse is open to being collaborative during divorce proceedings, forensic mediation will likely prevent various hardships, such as unnecessary arguments and bitter disputes over child custody. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, mediation helps both parties resolve disagreements while taking a neutral approach as those individuals with substantial assets need to focus on this aspect of their divorce.

How can forensic mediation protect your assets?

For starters, couples who work together with a forensic mediator to address divorce-related matters are often able to significantly reduce litigation fees and costs related to the divorce process. Moreover, couples can often find resolutions at a sooner point in time, minimizing the impact divorce has on one’s career or business. In fact, if you are a custodial parent or you worry about alimony, the forensic process can ensure that you receive the support that you deserve.

How does forensic mediation benefit children?

By reducing the amount of time the divorce process takes and minimizing the amount of stress parents experience, forensic mediation can provide children with a more stable environment while their parents end their marriage. Moreover, children are more likely to receive the support they count on when financial matters are handled appropriately.