Trusted Mediators And Collaborative Law Professionals For Complex Divorce

When two parties come to a serious dispute in divorce or family law cases, the common way to settle things is in the courtroom. A strong alternative to a courtroom is through collaborative law, which functions through a series of settlement meetings and employs the aid of financial neutrals, divorce coaches and child specialists, as needed, or mediation. In collaborative cases, each party discusses directly their goals and how to achieve them. In mediation cases, a third-party mediator helps both parties remain civil and press forward.

At Levin & Brend, P.C., we are both certified mediators and collaborators with JDs and CPAs guiding clients through the collaborative process even with the most high-stakes and complex estates. Our attorneys come from financial backgrounds and even work as forensic accounting experts in addition to our legal services. We take a fine-toothed comb to any case, to ensure we reach the best possible outcome.

Avoid Expensive And Exhausting Courtrooms With Mediation

When you are facing a divorce or other high-asset or income family law matter, things can become complicated very quickly, which is why it pays to have a mediator helping the two of you. When you take us on as a mediator, we do not represent either side in your negotiations but rather act as a neutral party to help things move smoothly.

Emotions are quick to flare in these divorces, especially when property disputes over valuable possessions or assets are involved. As your mediator, we keep emotions out of the negotiations, to ensure that you both are reaching agreeable goals in a timely manner.

Easing Difficult Tasks With Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a powerful tool that can settle heated disputes with considerably less conflict than what you would find in a courtroom. If you are a collaborative attorney looking for someone to act as a financial neutral in your collaborative case, we know how to troubleshoot and problem-solve complex issues as they arise. We strive to keep things as fair and just as possible.

Begin Your Pursuit Of A Civil Conflict Resolution

Mediation or collaborative law cases are an excellent method for resolving high-asset or income disputes in family law. You can keep your pursuit of a civil resolution out of a courtroom. If you are looking for a high-quality mediation or collaborative process, speak with our Illinois attorneys today.

Contact our Chicago office by calling us at 312-726-4440 or by emailing us here. We have more than 130 years of combined experience in representing high-asset clients and high-asset needs. Contact us today for unique financial divorce, mediation and tax solutions.