Expert Guidance In Property Division And Forensic Accounting Matters

The division of assets in divorce tends to be one of the most complex aspects of the process. It is made even more complicated when the couple has a substantial net worth. In complex divorce cases, net income and a wide variety of assets that make up both marital and nonmarital property often require close examination to ensure an equitable division of assets.

The forensic accounting services offered at Levin & Brend, P.C., cover both investigative procedures and litigation support. We help clients in and around the Chicago metro navigate the divorce process. Because our attorneys and professional staff are also CPAs, accountants and certified fraud examiners, we are uniquely positioned to work with the dissolution of high-asset marriages.

Family Law And Forensic Accounting Combined

Our clients have a distinct advantage. They do not have to seek outside professionals. Our family law attorneys and in-house forensic accountants offer time saving and cost-effective solutions by doing the following,

  • Investigating a couple’s network of finances
  • Finding hidden assets and developing claims
  • Offer expert opinions, regarding their findings when a divorce goes to court

In the course of tracing financial holdings for divorce cases, our accountants are also prepared to uncover fraud. If the money in bank accounts, mutual funds or other financial vehicles is intentionally concealed, our certified fraud examiners are experienced in unveiling fraudulent actions.

Your Trusted Ally In Forensic Accounting

Our attorneys, who are also CPAs, regularly advise our clients concerning the intricacies of forensic accounting and carefully explain how findings can benefit them as their divorces move through the resolution process.

If you need the versatility of both legal and financial expertise, the attorneys, CPAs and forensic accounting professionals at Levin & Brend, P.C., are ready to protect your rights. Contact us at our Chicago office by calling 312-726-4440 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation today.