Experienced Forensic Divorce Attorneys You Can Rely On

Divorces are extremely complex matters when businesses and high-value assets are involved. When the time comes to split assets and properties, you want to be certain that you are accounting for everything, as you will likely never get another chance again. As a business owner facing a divorce, or an attorney looking for another set of eyes on the problem, we can help you uncover and valuate business assets.

We are Levin & Brend, P.C., a team of Illinois attorneys all with backgrounds with major financial experiences. Our hybrid experience as lawyers and finance professionals prompted us to coin the term “forensic divorce,” which describes our skills in hunting down any hidden funds that a spouse may be hiding, as well as handling complex business valuations.

Why It Pays To Have Our Experience At Your Side

We have built a reputation so proficient in our divorce work that other prominent attorneys come to us for assistance in their divorce cases. We exercise every advantage at our disposal to ensure that we account for every asset relevant to your divorce, down to the last penny.

The cost of our services reflects the superb quality that we always deliver to our clients. No matter how large the assets involved in your case are, we can untangle the most complicated mess to settle any property disputes. We deliver valuable results with our forensic accounting and investigation, which can drastically change the outcome of a divorce.

Do Not Leave Anything On The Table In Your Divorce

Divorces can be ugly, heated disputes that last far too long and cost far too much. Our lawyers offer our experience in forensic divorce investigations, as well as collaborative and mediated divorces to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcome in your case. You have the right to protect your future, and you deserve to get the representation you need to do it.

You can contact our Oak Brook office by calling 312-726-4440 or by emailing us here. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss with us what options you may have and what we can do for you. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can determine the truth in the value of assets.