Guiding Families Through Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is both an ending and a beginning. For children, there are few more significant times in their life. Collaborative divorce gives families work through their problems together and find a new way of life that meets all parties’ needs.

At Levin & Brend, P.C., our attorneys have more than 130 years of combined experience offering both mediation services and guiding families through the collaborative divorce process. We help families in and around the Chicago metro work through the divorce process, so they can move forward into the next phase of life.

Reaching Amicable Settlements Through Negotiation

Our attorneys are adept at offering mediation and negotiation series to our clients. Collaborative divorce can be an excellent solution for the long-term well-being of your family. A good candidate for the collaborative law process is an individual who agrees with the following:

  • Reduce stress and animosity while promoting effective communication between partners
  • Retain decision making control and achieve results reflective of everyone’s needs
  • Provide a healthy co-parenting relationship that meets the children’s needs rather than having children caught in the middle
  • Invest in the future rather and keep intimate matters out of the public record
  • Improve the odds for long-term cooperation by preserving the positive aspects of relationships
  • Accomplish this life transition civilly and respectfully.

A Collaborative Divorce allows both parties to have lawyers present during the negotiation process to keep settlement as the top priority. The lawyers, whose training is similar to mediators, work with their clients and one another to assure a balanced, positive and productive process. When there is an agreement, a document is drafted by the lawyers, and reviewed and edited by both spouses until everyone is satisfied.

Reducing Emotional And Financial Strain

The collaborative process can be less strenuous on both parties financially and emotionally. It eliminates multiple court appearances and painful conflicts that are often part of a traditional divorce. By definition, a collaborative divorce is what divorce lawyers refer to as an “uncontested divorce.” Much of the cost of a collaborative family law case depends on how quickly you and your spouse can reach an agreement on all issues.

If you are facing divorce and feel a collaborative divorce might be best for you or would like to work through your divorce through mediation, contact our Chicago office to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team. Call 312-726-4440 or email us online.