What should you look for when choosing an executor?

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Illinois residents like you need an executor to carry out your will and manage your estate. Their role is so crucial that some experts call them the foundation of your estate plan. To this end, you want to ensure you pick a good one. 

But how exactly can you do this? What are the traits you should be looking for? Is there such a thing as an executor who excels on a universal level? 

Traits of an objectively good executor

Forbes looks at ways you can choose an estate executor. The first thing they emphasize is that finding a good executor is not a one-size-fits-all task. Each person wants something different from their executor. The person who makes a “good executor” to you is not going to be the same as it is for your parents or best friends. 

But there are some traits that do appear often in objectively good executors. For example, a good executor often has strong organizational skills. They also tend to have good leadership skills, even if they have not held an official leadership position. They are good at communicating and can deescalate a situation if the need arises. 

Finding the executor that is right for you

Other traits are more subjective, though. You may want someone whose values align closely with your own. You might want someone who sides with the opinions you voiced in your life. You may choose a person who will defend what you write into your estate plan. 

Finding an executor with a good balance of the traits you want is a hard task. This is why experts suggest looking for an executor as early as possible.