How can mediation help with my divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Alternative Dispute Resolution, Forensic Divorce |

Mediation can be a valuable process for divorcing couples to consider that can help keep them out of court and resolve their divorce-related concerns and disputes. Divorce mediation provides a process that allows divorcing couples to negotiate issues that commonly come up during divorce including property division, child support and child custody.

The mediation process involves a third-party neutral mediator that helps the divorcing spouses reach agreements on each of these important issues without the need to litigate them in divorce court which can be costly and time-consuming. Mediation requires transparency and openly sharing information so the process can be productive and help the couple reach a divorce settlement agreement. Divorcing couples are always encouraged to work together to resolve divorce-related issues, but divorce mediation provides the framework to help guide them.

The benefits of divorce mediation include helping divorcing couples reach an equitable divorce agreement that is mutually agreeable to the spouses; avoid the expense and acrimony oftentimes associated with divorce litigation; and provide a framework for resolving disputes down the road and addressing post-divorce modifications. In many divorces, the couple will need to maintain an ongoing relationship, that oftentimes involves children, so mediation can help minimize the trauma of divorce and help couples work together during their divorce and in the future.

The mediation process can also be more private and can be better for children involved. In addition, it allows the divorcing couple more control over the divorce process and the outcomes so they can reach a divorce settlement agreement that is best for them and their families.